Yesterday, June 12, 2019, ARRL Western Washington Section member
Christian, AK7VV, notified me of an issue with his Washington State
Amateur Radio Service license plates. His vehicle registration was
annotated as being a "MARS" license plate. Along with AK7VV's efforts
and my email to Washington State Department of Licensing the issue has
been acknowledged. 

If you have a call sign prefix starting with an A or N you may have your
vehicle registration marked with "MARS." DOL will correct the error(s)
as quickly as they can. Please be patient with DOL as they work through
the problem to identify/implement a solution to correcting their data

It is very important that our plates and documentation be accurately
identified as Amateur Radio Operator.

ARRL Western Washington Section
Section Manager: Monte L Simpson, AF7PQ
Washington State Amateur Radio License Plates

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