Please see the attached release describing a fun, educational, and free
emergency preparedness event taking place this weekend, June 22-23, at
South Seattle College. The festivities center on a 24-hour ham radio
challenge, where a local team will take to the airwaves in competition
with hundreds of other such groups all over North America, to see who
can rack up the most radio contacts. But this Field Day is much more
than that--it is part technology geek-fest, part emergency preparedness
exercise, and part public show-and-tell. The operation will be staffed
by members of Seattle Auxiliary Communications Service (which is part of
the Office of Emergency Management) and two radio clubs, the Puget Sound
Repeater Group and the West Seattle Amateur Radio Club.

5 things to know: 
*  The event is at South Seattle College, in a large open area just 
   south of the instructional buildings.
*  Field Day is open to everyone, free of charge, and the public
   is encouraged to attend. Anyone can take a turn "behind the
   microphone" as well!
*  There will be workshops and demonstrations of various radio
   and other emergency preparedness skills.
*  Amateur ("Ham") radio operators will be sending and receiving
   messages from all over North America and beyond.
*  The whole operation will be solar-and battery-powered and will
   demonstrate amateur radio capabilities to communicate in
   conditions similar to those caused by a disaster. 

I will be onsite from Saturday afternoon well into the wee hours of
Sunday, as PIO and radio operator. 

Hope to see you this weekend. The event runs from 11AM Saturday straight
through to 11AM Sunday, with good opportunities for photos, video, and

Best regards,

Tim Helming
PIO, Seattle ACS
Vice President, Puget Sound Repeater Group

ARRL Western Washington Section
Section Manager: Monte L Simpson, AF7PQ
Seattle Emergency Preparedness “Field Day” June 22-23

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