Here we are at the end of 2021 and embarking upon a new year of
opportunities and successes. I would like to thank you very much for
your membership in the ARRL during the past year. COVID-19 has not been
kind to many of us financially wise, so I appreciate how you’ve
continued to support the ARRL.

As we end 2021 the ARRL membership in our section is 5,049. This time
last year we had 5,180 members which was a loss of 2.5% of our members.
During 2022 would you help us to attract 200 new members to the ARRL in
the Western Washington Section?

I’d like to introduce you to one of the ARRL’s best kept secrets. The
members of our Technical Specialist Team led by Tom Herman, N1BEC, our
Technical Special Coordinator. There are 11 outstanding volunteers on
our team. I greatly appreciate what these hardworking volunteers do for
members of the Amateur Radio Service, the public at large and the ARRL.
Here is a brief job description of what this team has to offer:

For a section team to be effective in one of the most important arenas
in Amateur Radio, technology, there must be a cadre of qualified,
competent Technical Specialists (TS). “Advancement of the radio art” is
a profound obligation we incur under the rules of the FCC. TSs help meet
this obligation.

Appointment by the Section Manager (SM), or Technical Coordinator (TC)
under delegated authority from the SM, the TS supports the TC in two
main areas of responsibility: Radio Frequency Interference, and
Technical Information. TS can specialize in certain specific technical
areas, or can be generalists.

Requirements: Novice class license or higher; Full ARRL membership.

For full information about the TS Program visit:

Want to contact Tom, N1BEC? His email address is

Did you know that our section has 55 affiliated clubs that serve as a
place to not only meet other hams, but to become a ham or to earn a
higher class FCC license or as we know it /AG and /AE. Our clubs have a
variety of activities that should interest every ham. Get a new radio
for Christmas and looking for some help? Your local club is a great
place to find knowledgeable hams that are willing to share their
knowledge, skills and abilities. To find a club near you and to see what
those clubs offer go to: In the left column select Western
Washington Section in the drop down box.

The information provided will inform you of who the leadership is, what
their activities are, where they meet, etc. Most clubs have a Volunteer
Examiner team that proctor FCC Amateur Radio Service examinations and
they are your go to hams when you’re looking for an license exam.

Happy New Year 2022 and become radio active this year. Since COVID-19 is
still a very real concern keep your guard up and be safe.

ARRL Western Washington Section
Section Manager: Monte L Simpson, W7FF

Best Wishes for an Outstanding 2022