The ARRL Eastern Washington (EWA) Section Manager C Jo Whitney and I are
proud to announce the new Washington State Emergency Net (WSEN) manager
effective November 1, 2021. The new Net Manager (NM) is Michael Ditmore,

Michael, W7HUT, has been an amateur radio operator since the age of
thirteen. He has extensive experience in participating and managing
nets. He is eager to help us develop WSEN into a net that meets the
needs of Amateur Radio Service (ARS) Emergency Communications (EMCOMM)
operators, Emergency Management Agency (EMA) managers and hams who want
to be a part of the EMCOMM community.

WSEN was implemented in EWA following the eruption of Mount Saint Helens
in May of 1980. It is a net where city, county, state, tribal and
federal EMCOMM teams and EMAs can coordinate their responses to
emergencies and disasters intra/intercity, county, region, or tribal
areas of responsibility.

Michael’s main task now is getting to know the leadership of the ARS
EMCOMM community and to see what their needs are as well as the needs of
their EMAs.

Please join me in welcoming Michael, W7HUT, to the statewide ARS EMCOMM
team. His email address is:

W7HUT maybe looking to grow the WSEN leadership team in the future and
hams with net experience are encouraged to reach out to him.

ARRL Western Washington Section
Section Manager: Monte L Simpson, W7FF

New Washington State Emergency Net Manager