I am very pleased to announce we have a new Assistant Section Manager to
help the section attract visually impaired people who want to become
hams or to help us to find ways to make visually impaired more welcome
in the hobby and the ARRL. I’d like to introduce you to Gerald Gaule,

If you know a visually impaired potential ham or a person who is a ham
already but needs help and encouragement you are requested to reach out
to Gerald. If you are an club leader or ARES team leader and looking for
help in mentoring those that are visually impaired please contact Gerald
and he’ll do his very best to assist you in making that person feel
welcome and to a valued member of your team.

KE7GGV is an Extra class amateur radio operator who is committed to
working with and helping the visually impaired. Here is some of his bio
that I borrowed from the Clark County Amateur Radio Club’s Rocking Chair

Hello to all, my name is Gerald Gaule; Amateur Radio Operator and
Semi-Retired Radio Broadcaster. I have been a Ham Radio Operator since

Since 2013 I have locally owned and operated three Vancouver online
full-time audio streams for the Visually Impaired and Disabled called
CGR Radio/Northwest Audio Information Service.

GCR serves the needs of the community in many ways from Newspaper, Book,
and Magazine readings done by in-home volunteers via Mp3 audio files.
The Main audience is between 54 to 90 in age. CGR/NWAIS Radio has an
average of over 1400 listeners per day. CGR/NWAIS Radio belongs to The
International Association of Audio Information Services (about 30 in the
US). The network is community-focused.

CGR/NWAIS Radio is not a non-profit but it is mainly self-supported and
listener-supported and is located
within my residence. I schedule all programming and at various times I
run podcasts from The ARRL and Radio Public Service announcements. It is
easy to tune in the following streams

CGR Radio 1 News-Info-Community Programming
CGR Radio 2-Arts-Entertainment-Community Programming
CGR Radio-3 Spanish Service for The Blind

The main website is:
KGW video news story at https://youtube/2NohK-2NdLA

He also has been a volunteer at the Washington State School for the

Gerald, KE7GGV can be reached at 360-521-0498 or by email

He is eager to serve the amateur radio community and the ARRL so please
feel free to reach out to Gerald if you have questions or need
assistance in being a mentor.

ARRL Western Washington Section
Section Manager: Monte L Simpson, W7FF

New Assistant Section Manager for Inclusivity

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